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Intermediate Roll

Cr2 Mainly used on 6Hi copper and appliance strip mill. Can meet the basic rolling mill needs, in good match with Cr2, Cr3 WR.
Cr3 Mainly used on 6Hi tandm mill rolling aluminum, tinplate. Better wear resistance, and grindability. Recommend to select the Cr3 series in new production line’s initial operating stage.
Cr5 Widely adopt by autosheet and silicon steel manufacturer for the WR barrel hardness of 95-98HSD. With significant performance in wear resistance, harness retention. Compared with Cr3, it is easier to obtain required roughness with exisiting grinding equipment and parameter, but with less grindability.
SHSS The upgrade version of Cr5, applied in automobile , silicon steel mill. Excellent function on wear resistance and roughness retention.
  • Cr2  500x

  • Cr3  500x

  • Cr5  500x

  • SHSS  500x